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What would my life be without you?
How could I survive each day,
With courage and strength to pursue
The dreams found along my way?

The flowers would not be as bright,
That bloom on the earth each spring.
The sun wouldn't send out its' light,
And birds would refuse to sing.

Without you, all hope would be gone.
Each day would be filled with strife.
And I would be left here alone -
A lost, wretched, broken life.

But now that I've found you, I see
A love that will never part.
And I am a slave who is free -
For you now possess my heart.

Sí, està molt bé ser admirat, però no et deixa dormir ni pensar gaire, i sé a qui estimo, que és el mateix amb qui em llevo cada matí. Però escriu bé, i això ens serveix d'alicient poètic... o no.


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